I will to set your ideas free by tackling all the technical jargon so to give you the freedom to explore various designs and concepts, I will simplify the creative process into an understandable structured work flow aiming to get your project looking and working as you intended it to.

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I will set your designs free into wonderful interactive bespoke WordPress Web-Sites which give you the control for future instant updates from your personalized control panel and will record reference screen video tutorials to allow you to learn how to update your project with ease.

I will set your business free by offering a comprehensive consultation service with the aim to find the best technology to improve your projects on-line presence, I will structure a SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) plan, to promote your finished web site and allow you to be competitive in your business endeavors.

Overall, I will set you free from the time constraints and confusion of the learning curves needed to get your project online and on mobile and will be at hand throughout the projects life span to keep your web site a cut above the rest.


Next up we have a double build of Madagascar and Brazilian rosewood Folk acoustics. Pics will follow.

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